$25k Reward

The reward for information leading to an arrest AND indictment, in this case, is up to $25k. 

Where does the money come from?
The money comes from donations made by local businesses and private citizens as well as fundraisers.

Can I leave an anonymous tip and still receive the reward?
YES. Anyone with information can remain anonymous. They can call 1-866-411-TIPS (8477). They do not provide their name or phone number. Just provide the information, which the call-taker will use to fill out a fact sheet. The caller is then provided with an assigned identification number. From there on out, they will only be known by that number. The fact sheet is then provided to the investigator.

If you decide to submit an anonymous tip through the Justice for Julie Ferguson website, you will not be eligible for the reward unless you identify yourself.

How is the reward determined?
If the tip helps lead to an arrest and indictment, an investigator will let Crime Solvers know how much help the tip provided. Then, during their monthly meeting, the Crime Solvers committee will decide how much the tipster(s) should get. If there was only one tip and it was the only way to get the case to close, then $25k will most likely be rewarded. If there was more than one tip, then the reward is split between them, where the % is based upon how much each tip helped

Do I have to testify?
No. The tipsters do NOT have to testify. They remain anonymous.

How do I collect the reward without revealing my identity?
Crime Solvers has several ways of paying out the reward money, without having to know the tipster’s name.

CRIME SOLVERS: 1-866-411-TIPS (8477)

We also encourage you to submit tips through this Justice for Julie Ferguson website. However, please note that if you do not identify yourself, you may not be eligible for the reward.