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On the Case with Paula Zahn 2021/22

  • S23 E12 Gone in a Blink
    Synopsis: A teenager disappears from a strip mall in a terrifying blink of an eye.

Thank you to Paula Zahn and the entire production crew who did a truly excellent job. Special thanks to PG County Detectives Bernie Nelson and David Morisette for their tireless work and dedication to Julie’s unsolved case.

Crime Watch Daily Episode, January 2017

Cold Case: Maryland teen murdered; person of interest missing (Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen, January 2017) 

Cold Case: Maryland teen murdered; person of interest missing (Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen, January 2017) 



Unsolved Homicide: Julie Ferguson

Unsolved true crime podcast researched, written, and hosted by Crime Analyst Leah Owens.
(LAST SEEN ALIVE Podcast, August 1, 2022)

Episode 009- Julie Ferguson

(Unsolved podcast hosted by Heidi Galore, 2020)


Around the time of Julie’s abduction, a man was attempting to lure college girls in College Park, MD into his red vehicle. College Park is a city right next to Greenbelt. He was never identified. Was this a red herring or an actual lead?

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Profiling with Pat Brown, August 2022

Brown worked as a PI for Julie’s mother briefly. Brown lists a bunch of people she found suspicious around that time, some with loose connections to Julie. What’s interesting is her look into a person of interest in Julie’s case, Doug DeSilva. Is he guilty of crimes or does he merely insert himself in them? Brown also provides a local’s perspective since she lived in PG County at the time of Julie’s murder.


InHuman A True Crime Podcast, November 2021
Episode 44: The Unsolved Murder of Julie Ferguson

The hosts mostly read information they found on this website. No new information or analysis is provided. Provides a good overview for those unfamiliar with Julie’s case.
Note: Julie’s mom’s name was Pat, not Pam. This is an error that the hosts picked up from an old newspaper article.

20th Anniversary Vigil

Friends look for answers in the 20-year-old killing of Prince George’s teenager
(Washington Post, March 20, 2015)

Clues Sought On 20th Anniv. Of Md. Teen’s Gruesome Death
(CBS, WJZ-13, March 21, 2015)

Vigil held on 20th anniversary of Md. teen’s gruesome death
(March 21, 2015, Washington Times)

20th Anniversary Vigil
Friends, family and the media gather at the site where Julie’s body was found 20 years ago. (YouTube, March 21, 2015)

Additional Newspaper Articles

Unsolved Death has New Leads
(Washington Post, March 29, 2000)
Link to text-based version of article

Police search for suspects in 5-year-old murder case 
(The Gazette, March 23, 2000)

Greenbelt Teen was Likely Killed by a Stranger
(Washington Post, August 7, 1995)

Large Crowd Attends Service in Memory of Slain Student
In Admiration (Letter to the Editor)
Murdered Student Testified at Trial
(Greenbelt Gazette March 30, 1995)

Apparent Abduction, Slaying End Teenager’s Promise
(Washington Post, March 22, 1995)


Medium article by Jenn Baxter. Maryland Murder: Who Killed Julie Ferguson?
The teenager was abducted while waiting for her friends to pick her up from work. (June 27, 2021)

Web Sleuths Discussion on Julie Ferguson’s Abduction and Murder

Berwyn Heights resident works to help solve sexual homicides
(The Gazette, August 12, 1999) * Julie’s murder wasn’t sexual in nature but there were other crimes happening in the area.

Remarks by President Clinton Roundtable Discussion at the White House Leadership Conference on Youth, Drug Use and Violence
(The White House, March 7, 1996)